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SY Series SMC Type 2 Position 5 Way 3 Position 5 Way Dc24V Air Piloted Valve Pneumatic Solenoid Valve

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Product Features:

1. Inner exhausting structure and no pollution. 

2. Low power consumption of 1.2W. 

3. Sliding structure and special to upgrade flow, life time, seal function and response. 

4. Special treatment to look after inner hole for less friction, lower starting pressure and long life time. 

5. Integrated intallation to save space.



1Valve body
7Mannual ride spindle13Flat ring
2Pilot seat8Plug unit
14Valve spoo
3Pilot piston9Armature15Reset piston
4Cross slot pan screw
10Dysmorphism seal16Reset piston Y plug
5Piston Y ring
11Valve spool Y ring17Cross slot pan screw
12Anti-friction seal18Back cover



Valve type (mm)SY5120SY5220SY53C20SY53E20SY53P20
Valve type                  5/2 way                         5/3 way
Effective cross section area        8.3mm2(CV=0.49)                7.2mm2(CV=0.42)
Port size                                        Inlet=Outlet=Exhaust=G1/8”
Working medium                                                 40 Micron filted air
Working pressure0.15~0.7MPa0.1~0.7MPa                      0.15~0.7MPa
Max pressure                                                        1MPa
Working temperature                                                       0~50℃
Power consumption                                                         1.2W
Switching frequency                                                    5 Cycles/sec

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