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SMC Type AD Series 402-02 AD402-03 Aluminum Alloy Automatical oil water separator Filter Pneumatic Auto Drain Valve

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AD Series SMC Type AD402-02 AD402-03 AD402-04 Aluminum Alloy Automatical oil water separator Filter Pneumatic Auto Drain Valve

  • Free to adjust the pressure range ,reduce the impurity of air , oil and water seperator .

  • Best solution for automation strict quality and cost control system !

  • It is widely applied in compressed air system parts like air filter, separator, dryer machine, air tank, air compressor and so on.

  • Highly resistant to dust and corro-sion, operates reliably, and a bowl guard is provided as standard equipment.

  • Anti blocking, high pressure resistance, convenient installation, smooth surface without burrs, double protection of inner cup and outer cover which make it is more durable.

  • The drainage outlet operates reliably without noise and blockage.

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Specification Series Inlet port size

AD: Auto-drain 402 series 02:G1/4 03:G3/8 04:G1/2


Working Principle(AD402)

1) When no pressure is applied inside the bowl, float descends of its own weight and valve closes the chamber hole. Piston is pushed down by spring , and drain passes through the chamber's long hole to enter the housing and is discharged.

2) when pressure is applied inside the bowl:

When pressure is 0.1MPa or more, it overcomes the forces of spring, allowing the piston to ascend, and comes in contact with O-ring. Thus, the inside of the bowl is isolated from the outside.

3)When drain has accumulated:

Float ascends due to flotation and opens the chamber hole, allowing the pressure to enter the chamber. Piston descends due to internal pressure and the force of spring, and the accumulated drain is discharged through drain guide.

Working medium                                    Air
Inlet port sizeG1/4G3/8G1/2
Outlet port sizeG1/4G1/4G3/8
Proof pressure                               1.5Mpa
Max.test pressure                               1.0Mpa
Ambient temperature range                                5-60℃

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