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HRQ Series Double Rod Shock Absorber Cushion Magnetic Rotary Table Pneumatic Cylinder

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HRQ Series Double Rod Shock Absorber Cushion Magnetic Rotary Table Pneumatic Cylinder

  • Rack and pinion design, stable functioning.

  • Double cylinder structure, double output could be achieved.

  • The manufacturing precision of working platiform is high, and is easy for installation。and is of precise orientation.

  • The center of working platform has a through hole, and pipe can belocated and passed through this hole.

  • Guide hole is designed on the both side of the cylinder body (10~200) or undersurface (2~7), which is simply to install.

  • Two modes of bufer could be chosen, adjustment bolt bufer and intemalshock absorber,  the maximum bffer energy of internal shock absorber is 3-5 times that of adjustment bolt buffer. 


1Adjustment bole8Hexagon socket head set bole15Piston seal220-ring
2Hexagon nut9Guide pin/flat key16Wear ring230-ring
3Seal washer10Deep-groove bearing17Magnet24Hexagon screw
4Front cover11Bearing retainer18Rack25Shock absorber
5Body1212 Deep-groove bearing/Needle bearing19Pinion

6Hexagon socket head set bole13Back cover20O-ring

7Table14Steel ball21Bumper


HRQ Series Rotary Table Cylinder10

Acting typeDouble rack and pinion(Double acting)
Fluid Air(to be filtered by 40 μ m filter element)
Operating pressureWith adjustment bolt0.15~0.7MPa(22~100psi)(1.5~7.0bar)
With internal shock absorber-
0.15~0.7MPa(22~ 100psi)(1.5~7.0bar)
Proof pressure1.2MPa(175psi)(12.0bar)
Temperature °C-20~70
Angle adjustment range0~190°0~190°
Repeatable precisionWith adjustment bolt0.2°
With internal shock absorber-
Theoretic moment (Nm)(0. 5MPa)0.20.330.631.
Cushion typeWith adjustment boltRubber bumper
With internal shock absorber-
Shock absorber
Port size End portsM5x0.81/8" 
Side portsM5x0.8
Weight! g12017527053594012602060289041007650

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