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DMF-Z Series DMF-Z-25 40S Air Pulse Jet Diaphragm Right Angle Pulse Solenoid Valve For Dust Cleaning System

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DMF-Z SeriesDMF-Z-25 Air Pulse Jet Diaphragm Right Angle Pulse Solenoid Valve 

  • The DMF-Z type electromagnetic pulse valve is a right-angled valve with an angle of 90 degrees between the entrances and exits, which is suitable for the installation of the air pack and the dust blowout tube. The air flow is smooth and can provide ash removal pulse that meets the requirements.

  • DMF-Z-25 solenoid valve is made of aluminum alloy material, green + silver appearance is beautiful and practical, with good moisture and corrosion resistance.

  • The valve is controlled by electromagnetic pulse, which can quickly open and close the valve, and can be safely applied to the pulse bag dust removal system, which can ensure the processing capacity and efficiency

  • Right Angle Electromagnetic Pulse Valve with Good sealing performance, safe and reliable. Easy to install and maintain, sustainable in use

  • First connect the input port to the pipe of the air tank, then connect the output port to the blowpipe of the dust collector, and finally fill the connecting thread with tetrafluoroethylene.






Port Size3/4"1"1-1/2"2"2-1/2"3"
Diaphragm MaterialNBR,FKM
Body MaterialAluminum Alloy
0.1 to 0.8 Mpa
Coil VoltageDC24V AC110V AC220V
Diaphragm life3 years
TypeNormal closed type

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