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KSRJ solenoid valves with special surface treatment

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      KSRJ Automations solenoid valves are competitive in the international market. There are many kinds of solenoid valves to meet your different requirements. Our solenoid valves have different surface treatment processes. We are always improving our design and patterns to confirm to the world market. All products have to pass strict inspection before they go out. We have our own factory. So free laser marking and logo customization are available.

l4V210-08 Airtac Type AC220V DC24V 5/2 Way Pneumatic Solenoid Valve

1.Different surface treatment processes are available.Such as painting treatment and oxidation treatment.

2.Copper coil has a variety of voltages available for selection.

3.Valve hole with special high precision finishing process.


l4V230C-08 Double headed Double control 5 Way 3 Position Solenoid Valve

1. Three position solenoid valves have three kinds of central function for your choice.

2. Double control solenoid valves have memory function.

3.Three thread types are available:PT,NPT and G thread.



l4V410-15 2 Position 5 Way AC220V DC24V AC110V DC12V Aluminum Alloy Body 1/2 Inch 5/2 Way Single Coil Solenoid Valve

1.The surface of the valve body is finely machined, and various surface treatment are available.

2.The oxidation valve body has good mechanical properties and can withstand cold and hot pressure.

3.Special processing of inner hole,small friction resistance and low starting pressure.


l4V120 2 position 5 ways 4V series competitive price solenoid valve

1.Aluminum alloy valve body which has a high quality level and long life service.

2. Internal hole adopts special processing technology which has little attrition friction,low start pressure and long simageervice life.


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