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Different kinds of pneumatic fittings

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What kind of pneumatic fittings do you want?

Congratulations! KSRJ Automation has everything you want. There are a variety of models can be selected to meet your daily needs. In addition, KSRJ Automation has connectors of different materials and quality levels for your choice. These items have met with great favour home and abroad. There is a great demand for this product. It's selling like hot cakes and we have lots of regulars now. If you are interested, you can click the link below.

KSRJPCFPneumatic Fitting.

  • Can withstand greater and stronger pressure, no tripping, easy installation, thick interface, and long service life.

  • Simple and dexterous, with various models and specifications, the plastic catheter can rotate 360° after installation.

  • After multiple precision stamping, strong sealing performance, tight air pipe, not easy to rust.

KSRJ PCF Pneumatic Fitting.


C TypePneumatic quick coupling.

  • It can be installed and used more easily and without tools.

  • The service life is much longer because of its high hardness, high precision and high resistance to pressure.

  • The application of electroplating process makes the surface good metal matte texture, anti-rust and anti-corrosion.

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PVFitting PVL Type Union Elbow 90 Degree Flow Speed Tube Quick Connect Air Pneumatic Fitting

  • The connector is made of plastic material.

  • Using special surface treatment technology.


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