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Different kinds of air mufflers

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              Why do you think the plant is so noisyMaybe you did not find KSRJ Automation before. There are many different silencers to solve your problems. These various mufflers are made of different materials, including brass mufflers, stainless steel mufflers and plastic mufflers. Our product is competitive in the international market. If you are interested in our products, you can order a small quantity first.

l304 Stainless Steel Pneumatic Mufflers

    Pneumatic Sintered Mufflers Filters utitlize porous sintered bronze filter secured to standard pipe fittings. These compact and inexpensive mufflers are easy to install and maintain, particularly suitable where space is limited. They are used to diffuse air and muffler noise from the exhaust ports of air valves, air cylinders and air tools to an acceptable level within OSHA noise requirements. Mufflers are porous sintered bronze parts used to reduce the output pressure of a compressed gas, thus reducing noise when the gas is evacuated. They are made with B85 grade bronze, which has a filtering efficiency of 3-90um.

    Application environments: blowers, compressors, engines, vacuum pumps, air motors, pneumatic equipment, fans and any other application that requires reduced noise level.

Main features:

1.Excellent noise suppression effect .

2. High durability and wide applications.

3. Compact design is suitable for installing in confined space.


lPlastic Exhaust Air silencer Pneumatic Muffler

1.Adopted high strength plastic material.

2.Different colors available: blue,black,white,orange.

3.Different types available: PSU,SU,PSL,PP type muffler.


lAir Silencer All Brass material Pneumatic Exhaust Muffler Silencer   

1. High durability and wide applications.

2. Compact design is suitable for installing in confined space.

3. Excellent noise suppression effect.

At present, our company is committed to the production and manufacture of pneumatic parts.

Mainly include solenoid valves,cylinders,air source treatments,fittings and other pneumatic parts like air mufflers. 

    Welcome to consult and buy!


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