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Different kinds of air cylinders

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Attention,everyone! Now set up your journey with KSRJ different kinds of cylinders

TN Series Aluminum Alloy Double Acting Double Shaft Two Rod Pneumatic Air Cylinder

lThe cylinder is made of aluminum alloy, with high strength, corrosion resistance, and easy processing.

lDouble rod with double force for higher anti-bending and anti-twisted strength.

lThere are mounting holes on three sides of the fixing plate to facilitate multi-position installation.


TCM Series High Strength Aluminum Alloy Double Acting Three Piston Rod Guided Pneumatic Cylinder

lTwo guides of special bearing steel and linear bearing or bronze bearing guide are used to prevent rotating. They can bear high torque and radial load.

lThe bottom, back side and fixing plate of main body respectively has two exact orientation orifices, which can provide orientation installation with high precision for the special situation.

lMultiple magnetic induction switch grooves on the cylinder body provide induction switch mounting in a variety of ways.



CXS Series Telescopic Slide Bearing Ball Bushing Bearing Double Shaft Dual Rod Air Cylinder Double Acting With Magnet Type Pneumatic Cylinder


lHigh precision aluminum alloy, high strength, no deformation, no corrosion, significantly prolong the service life of the cylinder.

lWith the increase of the pressure, the sealing performance can be improved automatically and the two chambers of the piston can be avoided to escape each other.

lThe cylinder body thickened, strong impact resistance, internal smooth without burr and the operation is smooth without delay.


HRQ Series Double Rod Magnetic Rotary Table Pneumatic Cylinder

lThe cylinder has rack and pinion structure, smooth operation. Double cylinder structure can achieve double output.

lThe manufacturing precision of working platform is high, and is easy for installation, and is of precise orientation.

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