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Choose the standard cylinder you want

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Looking for a kind of standard air cylinder ?

Congratulations! KSRJ Automation has everything you want.

There are a variety of cylinders can be selected to meet your daily needs.

Such as standard air cylinder,compact air cylinder,Mini Cylinders,ultra thin cylinders and so on. Now set up your journey with the standard pneumatic cylinders.

lDNC Series Aluminum Alloy Double Acting Pneumatic Economical Standard Air Cylinder

1. High-density aluminum alloy material can be formed by CNC processing at one time thickening the cylinder body, not easy to change shape.

2. The inner wall is mirror-finished, the surface of the cylinder body is hard oxidized ,beautiful, corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant.

3. The use of high quality seals, improve the efficiency of the cylinder, and smooth operation, adapt to a variety of working environments, longer service life.

 DNC Series  Standard Pneumatic Cylinder 1

lSC Series Double Acting Pneumatic Standard Cylinder

1. Aluminum alloy material, thickened steel tube, fine grinding and polishing of inner wall, low friction, easy to use and not easy to leak.

2. Select steel fixed link as the connection and support of the front and rear cylinder cover and the aluminum tube steel body, good reliability.

3. Piston seal adopts special type double direction sealing structure,compact size and oil storage function.

SC Series Standard Pneumatic Cylinder 4

lSI Series Aluminum Alloy Double Acting Compressed Standard Pneumatic Air Cylinder

1. The piston rod material is made by 45C Carbon Steel with hard chrome plating on the surface, and the roughness Ra<0.4, with good wear resistance and rust resistance.

2. The rod seal uses PU material with the characteristics of high strength, good toughness, wear resistance, oil resistance and aging resistance.

3. The piston seal adopts two NBR+PA material as Y type one-way sealing structure with compensation function, long service life and low starting pressure.

Sl Series Standard Pneumatic Cylinder

lAluminium Alloy Airtac Type SU Series Pneumatic Cylinder Standard SU Pneumatic Cylinder

1. The piston rod adopts precise polishing to make the product quality more textured and the service life is longer.

2. There are several models of back cover, which makes the installation of cylinder more convenient.

3. Aluminum alloy thickened cylinder block, hard oxidation process, stronger wear resistance and corrosion resistance .

SU Series Standard Pneumatic Cylinder

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