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OPT-A OPT-B 2 Way Brass Body Mechanical Solenoid Valve Pneumatic Timer Electronic Auto Water Drain Valve

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Product Features:

1.High quality, low cost

2.One kind of model suits all applications, simple installment, completely automatic, exempts maintains.

3.Interval time and discharge time can be adjustable and have test buttons.

4.Pressure 16Bar, 40Bar. Many kinds of voltages and connections to be chose.

5.Entire stainless steel valve, explosion-proof valve to be chose.

6.CE authentication, protection rank IP65, insulation grade H level.

7.5.0mm large latus rectum direct-acting valve, fluorine rubber seal.

8.Match ball valve filter, fission with drain valve, assumed L structure.




2/2 Port Direct-acting Solenoid Valve    G1/2Input G1/2 Male ThreadOutput G1/2 Female Thread
Max.Working Pressure                                                1.0MPa
Lowest/Highest Ambient Temperture                                               2℃/55℃
Highest Medium Temperature                                                   90
Valve BodyBrass(Stainless steel can be customized)                      Brass
Insulation Grade                                             -40℃~+60℃
Operating Temperature                                                 H Level

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