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CQ2 Series Single Double Acting Automatic Actuator Pneumatic Compact Air Cylinders

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Product Features:

1. Changed copper bearing and use DU bearing.

2. Changed NBR seal and use PU seal.

3. Changed anti-friction seal and use new POM anti-friction seal.

4. Using new SDA rolling technique for the piston rod and piston.

5. Using SDA rolling technique for the tail barrel (S100, end cover use snap ring structure).

6. Gasket use SDA anti-collision gasket structure.

7. Barrel appearance is same with SMC new type-CQ2 series, easy to install the sensor and save material.



1Piston rod8Piston
2Shaft seal9Magnet
3Front cover10Magnet base
4C clip11Piston seal
5DU bearing12Anti-friction seal
6O ring13Back cover
7Anti-collision gasket14Body
Bore (mm)121620253240506380100
OperationDouble Acting
Single Acting Spring-out / Single Acting Spring-in-
Working MediumAir
Operating Pressure RangeDouble Acting0.1~1.0MPa
Single Acting0.2~0.9MPa-
Proof Pressure1.5MPa
Operating Temperature Range-20~80℃
Operating SpeedDouble Acting30~500mm/s30~350mm/s30~250mm/s
RangeSingle Acting50~500mm/s-
Port SizeM5×0.8G1/8G1/4G3/8

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